For the last four years, we have worked actively with John Deere and the John Deere Foundation on behalf of people in poverty, as well as to help youth for whom the transition into working life is proving difficult. In practice, this means PHINEO supports John Deere in building an impact-oriented portfolio of civic-engagement activities that contribute to the company’s social and economic goals.

Corporate volunteering programs, which we develop and help set into motion, are one key element of this work. However, various approaches build on one another, enabling employees at all six German locations to volunteer.

For example, more than 400 employees currently collect food donations on action days for Die Tafel, a food bank. About 30 employees are volunteering as mentors with JOBLINGE, a non-profit organization that was awarded the impact label of PHINEO. Through this program, they provide socially disadvantaged youth with guidance and support in the transition into working life. Nearly all youth provided with assistance in this way have successfully made the leap into a training program.
In this regard, employees and executives at John Deere are all working toward the same goal. Civic engagement is thus an increasingly important part of the company’s corporate culture and business strategy.

The John Deere Foundation also serves as a strategic partner for our Collective-Impact Funding Initiative ‘Zukunftsträger’, which aims to facilitate the transition from school into training and work for disadvantaged youth.

Read here about John Deere’s corporate volunteering activities in France, Poland and Spain in partnership with United Way.


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