inspires young people

The international “Flying Challenge” program of the Airbus Foundation was created jointly with United Way in France, and since that time has also been implemented in the United States and the United Kingdom:

It shows students on a practical level that what they learn in school will actually be needed later in their working lives. The goal is to motivate them to finish school, excite them about STEM topics, and inspire them to pursue a career with a good future.

PHINEO provided advice and support to the Airbus Foundation in successfully implementing the program on a pilot basis in Germany. At the beginning of the two-year collaboration, PHINEO analyzed conditions at the Munich location with regard to needs, relevant stakeholders and potential program partners.

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Young people in the region with a migrant background or from socioeconomically disadvantaged families are often affected by educational injustice. The Flying Challenge program was thus focused on this target group. On PHINEO’s recommendation, the Foundation decided to partner with RockYourLife!, an experienced educational organization. In the context of a tandem mentoring program, 15 Airbus employees met regularly with students and youth over a six-month period. Their conversations ranged from career options to issues drawn from daily life. The program was supplemented by three key events: a kick-off, a factory tour and a flight experience held at the end of the six months.