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Employee group in warehouse: alvarez @ iStockphoto/ Getty Images International

Entrepreneur with office background: SolStock @ iStockphoto/ Getty Images International

Businessman in the office: alvarez @ iStockphoto/ Getty Images International

Group of children with “Live United” t-shirts: United Way Worldwide

Girl in classroom: United Way Worldwide

Children hands painting colorful: United Way Worldwide

Youg woman explains something at the computer: App Camps gUG

Group of mentors and mentees on sports ground: Rock Your Life! gGmbH, photographer: Selina Pfruner

Employees prepare food bags: John Deere Foundation, photographer: Julia Kaesemann (PHINEO)

Man and boy experimenting with paper boat: Stiftung Zukunftswerkstatt Buchholz, photographer: Dr. Frank Neuse (dfn)

Mentor with his mentee: Rock Your Life! gGmbH

Group of Turkish school students: dpa Picture Alliance GmbH, photographer: Oliver Berg


Illustrations „Offer“, Diagram „Impact“: Max Lisewski (OpenState)

Illustration “water can”: Stefan Schultze (PHINEO)

Video with Andreas Rickert: photographer Steffen Kugler and video editor Mathias Dreßler for PHINEO

Who we are:

Sector report on the lap: photographer Anna Gold for PHINEO

Group of children in front of bookshelf: United Way Worldwide

Illustration of round table: Stefan Schultze (PHINEO)

Word Clouds „PHINEO“ and „United Way“: Max Lisewski (OpenState)

Andreas Rickert and Brian Gallagher: photographer Stefan Radke for PHINEO

Team photos: photographer Judith Neumeister @Studio Monbijou for PHINEO

Advisory Board:

John „Jack“ Holcomb: private

Dr. Prof. Michael Hüther: private

David Knower: private

Kimberly Marteau Emerson: private

Johannes Masserer: private

Norman Rösch: private

Dr. Nina Smidt: Jürgen Frank

Julie Linn Teigland: private

Julia Thiele-Schürhoff: Andreas Pohlmann

Dr. Towa-Christina Gräfin von Bismark: private

Huberta von Voss: private

Carl von Wrede: Susanne Hesping

Leslie Williams: private

Video interview with Kimberly Marteau Emerson: photographer Steffen Kugler and video editor Mathias Dreßler for PHINEO

What we do:

Illustration „seedling“, „bridge“: Stefan Schultze (PHINEO)

Employees prepare food bags: Julia Kaesemann (PHINEO) for PHINEO and John Deere Foundation

Airbus-Mentor with two youth: photographer Jürgen Danneberg for Airbus Group

StriveTogether-map: StriveTogether, edited in colours by Max Lisewski (OpenState)

Jetzt engagieren:

Illustration “round table”: Stefan Schultze (PHINEO)

Illustrations „CC-Strategy“, „Corporate Volunteering“, „Corporate Giving“ „Cooperations“, „Impact Orientation“, „Organizational Development“: Saeful Muslim, Business & Success Career – doodle Collection @ The Noun Project

The Latest:

Post October 2018: TEDxBerlin

Post September 2018 „Ying Yang“: Aaron Blanco Tejedor @ unsplash

Post June 2018 (all pictures): photographer Sascha Radke for PHINEO

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Illustration “animals around the book”: Stefan Schultze (PHINEO)