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Below, we have compiled the most important questions about PHINEO and our partnership with United Way.

who is united way worldwide?

United Way is the world’s largest privately funded non-profit organization, with 1,800 member organizations in 41 countries and more than 60,000 corporate partners. Fully 9.6 million donors and 2.8 million volunteers work with local community-service projects to support United Way’s mission: improving lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities to advance the common good.

what does United Way Worldwide do?

People can accomplish more together than alone. In order to make a genuine social contribution, United Way works with employers, employees, not-for-profit organizations, governments and public agencies, communities, educational institutions, religious institutions, volunteers and many others.

The projects within the United Way network are very diverse. In activities ranging from school mentoring programs to multigenerational projects to collective-impact initiatives, needy people are provided with support and enabled to live healthy and independent lives.

United Way works with companies to develop programs that fit their needs, for example by enabling employees to become involved in their communities. United Way’s work depends primarily on donations and private funding, along with the support of many volunteers.

who is PHINEO?

PHINEO is a think tank and non-profit consultancy to effective civic engagement. Our goal is to strengthen civil society by helping those doing good to achieve greater social impact.

PHINEO conducts social impact analyses, awards a seal of approval for nonprofits and their projects and publishes information on societal issues. We offer workshops and individualized consulting for nonprofits, social investors like foundations, companies, philanthropists and family offices as well as public sector institutions.

With United Way, PHINEO aims to strengthen the collective-impact approach in Germany.


We are convinced that more can be accomplished by working together. Particularly in times of increasing social exclusion and intolerance, dialogue is particularly important, even across national borders. 

United Way has been committed to helping disadvantaged people around the world for more than 130 years. PHINEO can learn from this experience and expertise. At the same time, we can provide our impact know-how to others, helping organizations in the United Way network develop a professional impact orientation.

In addition, we can make valuable contacts within the network, and find new partners interested in supporting our goal of a strong civil society.

What specifically is PHINEO doing with United Way Worldwide in Germany?

As a United Way network partner, PHINEO helps companies develop and implement civic-engagement activities with real impact. We are also working together to develop impact-oriented partnerships that cross sectoral boundaries.

What do non-profit organizations in Germany gain from the partnership?

Thanks to United Way, we have access to a large network of companies and funders that we would like to inspire to become civically engaged in Germany. Thanks to this relationship, we can offer impact-oriented nonprofits in particular greater visibility and support.

What do foundations in Germany gain from the partnership?

Thanks to the international United Way network, PHINEO has access to knowledge, experience and best-practice examples of civic engagement from 41 countries around the world, particularly relating to the issues of education, income and health. In addition, PHINEO can connect foundations with nonprofits and partners in other countries.

what do companies gain from the partnership?

With United Way Worldwide and PHINEO, companies can find the right partners for a broad range of support services, as well as opportunities for civic engagement that makes a real contribution.

We offer:
– Proven corporate-citizenship concepts, such as corporate volunteering programs
– Expert strategy-development support all the way through to implementation of a civic-engagement project, including impact reporting
– Matching services and networking with high-impact community projects and non-profit organizations in Germany and 40 other countries
– Access to knowledge, experience and best-practice examples of civic engagement within the international network, particularly related to the issues of education, income and health.

Why does United Way Worldwide want to build a partnership in Germany?

United Way is committed to helping disadvantaged people around the world and can thus promote strong communities in Germany as well. The core of our partnership is the exchange that takes place within the network.

PHINEO enriches this with knowledge and experience from its impact-oriented project work, along with analysis drawn from more than 17 social fields.

In addition, United Way can enable international corporate partners to become civically engaged in Germany, and conversely support German companies in their engagement in other countries.

Will a new office be opened, or a new organization founded, in order to implement the partnership?

No, PHINEO is integrating all United Way activities in Germany into the existing PHINEO structures. This means there is a team at PHINEO handling the establishment and implementation of the partnership.

Why was an advisory board established?

Creating an international partnership such as this one with United Way requires people who share our vision and can support the venture with help and advice – that is, people who themselves maintain international relationships, have broad networks, and have proved successful in acquiring partners.

Most importantly, they contribute an international perspective, and enhance relationships with the business sector. Thus, the Advisory Board complements PHINEO’s own board, which focuses on civil society and philanthropy in Germany, and oversees all of PHINEO’s activities.

who sits on the Advisory Board?

The Advisory Board includes prominent philanthropists, experts and opinion makers from the private sector and civil society. An overview of the members can be found here.

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