Corporate Citizenship in the Corona Crisis

Corona threatens societal structures. People fear for their jobs, social security, livelihoods. These are extraordinary times which have to met by extraordinary measures. Many companies are proving their willingness to take exceptional measures. German industry is acting quickly, innovatively, and in many cases even selflessly.

Small and large enterprises are using this crisis as an opportunity to demonstrate their social responsibility. A smart and well-designed corporate citizenship offers considerable potential in this context – so long as it is set up strategically and thoroughly integrated in the overall corporate setup. This crisis confronts us with challenges that can only be met by the joint forces of many. It requires a collaborative approach in which for-profit and non-profit organizations act together at eye level. All those who want to make a significant change need to engage others too.

Our guidebook provides you with inspiration about where to engage effectively as a company in order to tackle this current crisis. Using various practice examples, we illustrate that every citizenship activity can achieve a lot.

Download our Guidebook here: Corporate Citizenship in the Corona Crisis (PDF)