Under sunny skies on our roof terrace in the heart of Berlin, PHINEO and United Way hosted a lively gathering of organizations targeting social impact. The two non-profit organizations introduced their new partnership to a select group of companies, foundations and representatives from the private sector. United Way’s CEO Brian Gallagher took the opportunity to welcome the guests personally and share details of the organization’s international network. With more than 60,000 corporate partners, United Way can draw upon a large number of successful examples of civic engagement.

Brian Gallagher, CEO United Way Worldwide (left), speaking with Advisory Board member Normann Rösch and José Ferrao, International President of United Way Worldwide (right).
Every partnership starts with a dialogue.

Brian Gallagher has been with United Way for nearly 40 years. Today, there are countless ways in which a company can get involved in local communities, and developments in technology help simplify, monitor and scale engagement. United Way and Salesforce have joined forces to create “Philanthropy Cloud”, a software that allows employees to donate or volunteer more easily and companies to oversee the accumulated impact. But one thing remains the same: Working together let’s us accomplish more.

And this is why PHINEO and United Way, together with the Advisory Board and influential partners, are driving corporate engagement and cooperation across sectors in Germany as well. One of our first joint initiatives is a collective-impact funding initiative, which was also presented to the guests at the event in Berlin.

This initiative involves establishing and expanding local and regional associations of education institutions, companies, public administration offices and not–for-profit projects as a means of targeting school-to-training and work transitions among disadvantaged youth in Germany.

Creating a chain of support along the lines of “Kick into Life”, a Munich-based foundation that partners up with other organizations, is an effective approach to this issue. Clifton Rajesh Grover (Kick into Life General Manager), Selina von Schultzendorff (PHINEO consultant) and Annett Schmeck (Stiftung Mercator project manager, also involved in the Collective-Impact association RuhrFutur), discussed the challenges and conditions of success in such arrangements. Tenacity and ongoing communication that is based on equal footing among partners are required. Holding up a yellow sheet of paper with a rough sketch of an elephant on it, Clifton Grover remarked: “Collective impact is like this elephant. It is enormously effective, but it can only be eaten one bite at a time.”

Read more about our collective-impact funding iniative.

Andreas Rickert, CEO of PHINEO (right) talking with United Way representatives and members of the Advisory Board

Andreas Rickert (left) together with Advisory Board member Kimberly Marteau Emerson aus dem Advisory Board and Brian Gallagher