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Corona threatens societal structures. People fear for their jobs, social security, livelihoods. These are extraordinary times which have to met by extraordinary measures. Many companies are proving their willingness to take exceptional measures. German industry is acting quickly, innovatively, and in many cases even selflessly.

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In the Corona crisis, civil society is needed more than ever. At the same time, the existence of many non-profit organisations and associations is threatened by Corona: no income is generated, costs continue to run, subsidies and donations break down and very few organisations have financial reserves.

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Whether your company has just begun or has already been doing good with social projects…
Whether your company wants to do good regionally or internationally as a German business…
Whether your company employs 50 or more than 10,000 people…

…our team works with you to get you going in the right direction and develop effective strategies and activities that fit your needs.

You can count on our expertise and on the broad range of best practices that we have collected from our global network that includes more than 60,000 corporate partners and 1,800 not-for-profit organizations in 41 countries.

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Society and businesses alike benefit from the commitment of companies doing good. Your activities help communities address the social and ecological challenges facing society (Social Case). At the same time, these activities strengthen your company’s competitiveness (Business Case).

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Those who manage their business responsibly while making a social contribution, do their business good.

More than 90% of recently surveyed German companies state that their civic engagement activity has a positive effect on their brand. Indeed, they identify a number of additional benefits associated with their activities:

added value

for society

Complex challenges require combined efforts. We make sure that your monetary or in-kind donations go directly to where they are needed and can have social impact.

And if you prefer instead to get involved directly on a regular basis, we can also help you find the right partner.


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